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Ongoing projects

Research Projects


1. Germplasm collection, maintenance and evaluation of medicinal and aromatic   plants

(AMP/0l-00-22-95/ODL (9) KAU)

Collection and maintenance of germplasm: The station serves as a conservation centre for germplasm of important medicinal and aromatic plants.  A medicinal tree conservation park with about 110 species of rare and   important medicinal trees are also maintained in an area of 2 ha. This served as a Knowledge Centre for a large number of visitors including students, researchers, farmers and general public. Seeds and planting materials as well as crude drugs were made available from this source. 

Enrichment of herbal collection by new planting: 12 new species have been collected and planted in the herbal garden.

Conservation of herbal collection: Various steps for beautification of the herbal garden were taken up and guidelines for setting up herbal garden and conservation of the species is standardized and documented.

Plant propagation studies on medicinal plants: Plant propagation methods of about 150 medicinal plants have been standardized. A manual containing the information generated is in press for printing.    

Evaluation of growth, yield and quality of selected medicinal plants under different growing conditions: 

Essential oil extraction from aromatic plants: 


2. Evaluation of a selected firm fleshed jack tree for fruit quality


3. Station wise funding on ongoing research projects and minor infrastructure at AMPRS, odakkali  2020-2021


4. Development and Validation of Eco-friendly Formulations from Medicinal Plants for Control of pest and diseases of selected vegetable crops, Banana Pseudostem Weevil and Snail at AMPRS, Odakkali 2020-2021



5. Bioprospecting of underexploited medicinal and aromatic plants for their comprehensive utilization at AMPRS, Odakkali 2020-2021


6. Strengthening production of quality Planting materials , T.C banana, coconut, vegetables and bio- inputs in KAU  2020-2021


7. Doubling farmers income through Technological interventions in the homesteads of natural calamity affected areas of Kerala at AMPRS, Odakkali 2020-2021


10. Technological interventions in flood affected areas for sustainable Agricultural production and soil and water management at AMPRS, Odakkali- 2020-21


KAU –RF programme

Information cum sales centre – RF mode



1. CSS (MIDH) programme on Spices and Aromatic plants scheme (2015 onwards)

           Financed by:  Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India




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Aromatic & Medicinal Plants Research Station
Kerala Agricultural University
Odakkali, Asamannoor P.O.
Ernakulam District Kerala 683549
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