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Main Campus EPABX Directory

Tue, 03/06/2014 - 9:48pm -- admin.kau.in

For direct inward dialling, dial 0487-243 followed by the Intercom number

KAU Headquarters
Vice-Chancellor's Secretariat
Contact Point Officer in Position Intercom No
Vice-Chancellor Dr. B. Ashok IAS 8001
VIP Room 8010
Directorate of Information Systems (DIS)
Contact Point Officer in Position Intercom No
Manager (e-Governance) 8003
Director of Information Systems (i/c), Dr. P. O. Nameer 8181
Systems Manager 8182
Network Administrator 8183
USAIM Helpdesk 8184
UFAST Help Desk 8185
UPAST Help Desk 8186
HQR NOC 8197
Officer i/c Communication Network 8198
Network Helpdesk 8199
General Administration
Contact Point Officer in Position Intercom No
Registrar Dr. A. Sakeer Husain 8011
Labour Officer 8017
Recruitment Officer 8018
Documentation Centre 8019
Assistant Registrar (GC & EC) 8020
Section Officer (GA-A) 8022
Section Officer (GA-B) 8023
Section Officer (GA-C) 8024
Section Officer (GA-D) 8025
Section Officer (GA-E) 8026
Section Officer (GA-F) 8027
Section Officer (GA-G, GC-EC) 8028
Section Officer (GA-H, GA-P) 8029
Section Officer (GA-J) 8030
Section Officer (GA-K) 8032
Section Officer (GA-M) 8033
Section Officer (GA-L) 8034
Section Officer (FC & D)-I 8035
Section Officer (FC & D)-II 8036
Section Officer (FC & D)-III 8037
Record Section 8038
Central Store 8039
Chief Security Officer 8040
Front Desk 8050
Conference Hall 8060
Drivers Room 8608
Vehicle Supervisor 8609
Directorate of Planning
Contact Point Officer in Position Intercom No
Section Officer 8052
Director of Planning Dr. Berin Pathrose 8107
University Finance Wing
Contact Point Officer in Position Intercom No
Comptroller Madan Kumar K 8061
Personal Assistant to Comptroller 8062
Deputy Comptroller (P&L) 8063
Senior Deputy Comptroller (B&P) 8064
Deputy Comptroller (IAC-CR) 8065
Assistant Comptroller (B&M) 8066
Assistant Comptroller (P&L)) 8067
Assistant Comptroller (DD&A) 8068
Section Officer (ES) 8072
Section Officer (Bills) 8073
Section Officer (BGA) 8074
Section Officer (BGB) 8075
Assistant (BGB1-Funds) 8076
Section Officer (Cash) 8077
Section Officer (EP-A) 8078
Section Officer (EP-B) 8079
Section Officer (ES-1) 8080
Section Officer (WD&L) 8082
Section Officer (PF-A) 8083
Section Officer (PF-B) 8084
Section Officer (Pn-A) 8085
Section Officer (Pn-B) 8086
Section Officer (Pn-C) 8087
Section Officer (Pn-Disbursement) 8088
Section Officer (Pn-WP) 8089
Section Officer (SA-I) 8090
Section Officer (SA-II) 8092
Directorate of Research
Contact Point Officer in Position Intercom No
Director of Research Dr. Madhu Subramanian 8101
Steno to Director of Research 8102
Associate Director of Research (AR&T) 8103
Special Officer (Seed) 8104
Associate Director of Research (M&E) 8105
Associate Director of Research (Farms) 8106
Professor 8112
Associate Director of Research (Planning) 8112
Administrative Officer 8114
Steno to Associate Director of Research 8115
Section Officer (R1) 8117
Section Officer (R2) 8118
Fair Copy 8119
Directorate of Education
Contact Point Officer in Position Intercom No
Controller of Examinations Dr. Dijee Bastian 8106
Personal Assistant to Director of Education 8132
Deputy Registrar 8133
Professor (Exam Cell) 8134
Section Officer (Acad-A) 8135
Section Officer (Acad-B) 8136
Section Officer (Acad-C) 8137
Section Officer (Acad-Exams1) 8138
Section Officer (Acad-Exams2) 8139
Fair Copy (Academic) 8140
Associate Director of Education (UG) Dr.K.Surendra Gopal 8141
Associate Director of Education (PG) Dr. Seeja Thomachan Panjikkaran 8142
Directorate of Physical Plant
Contact Point Officer in Position Intercom No
Director of Physical Plant Dr. Anil K.R. 8151
Steno to Director of Physical Plant 8152
Personal Assistant to Director of Physical Plant 8153
Financial Assistant 8154
Head Draftsman 8155
Section Officer (DPP-A) 8156
Section Officer (DPP-B) 8157
Section Officer (DPP-C) 8158
Fair Copy (DPP) 8160
Generator Room 8606
Assistant Executive Engineer (Civil) 8624
Assistant Executive Engineer (Mechanical) 8626
Assistant Executive Engineer (Electrical) 8629
Directorate of Students' Welfare
Contact Point Officer in Position Intercom No
Director of Students' Welfare Dr. E.G. Ranjit Kumar 8457


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