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a. Knowledge Centre  On Medicinal Plants

The main objectives 
Impart awareness about the importance and scope of medicinal plants, demand      of  crude drugs, market possibilities etc. 
Empowerment of farmers for cultivation through trainings , providing technical assistance at all stages of cultivation , processing and marketing , product quality certification , market intelligence 
b. Quality testing services offered to the public from Regional Analytical Laboratory

  1. Quality evaluation of aromatic oils
  2. Quality evaluation of medicinal plants and crude drugs
  3. Identification of crude drugs by TLC/HPLC
  4. Custom standardization - Methods for quality evaluation can be standardized for specific plants and products 
  5. Content of toxic element - Estimation of mercury, arsenic, cadmium and lead in crude drugs and products

c. Agri clinic: For consultation on field problems

d. Information and Sales Centre: For sale of quality planting materials, products and publications

This station has an Information and Sales Centre for large-scale production and distribution of quality planting materials of Medicinal & Aromatic plants in the state and caters to the needs of cultivators all over the country. KAU products and publications are also available.

ISC also supplies planting materials of  improved varieties of timber trees, fruit crops, vegetable crops, plantation  crops, spices and ornamental crops in addition to Aromatic & Medicinal plants.




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Aromatic & Medicinal Plants Research Station
Kerala Agricultural University
Odakkali, Asamannoor P.O.
Ernakulam District Kerala 683549
:Sales Centre