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Brief History

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Kerala Agricultural University is perhaps the first among the Universities in India to have  a research station exclusively for Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

15-03-1951: Established as "Lemongrass Breeding  Station"  under the Department of Industries of the  erstwhile  Travancore-Cochin Government.  

01-08-1954: Renamed as "Lemongrass  Research  Station"  and brought  under  the  State Department  of Agriculture.

1972: Became a constituent research station of the newly formed Kerala Agricultural University

1982: Renamed as Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Research Station (A.M.P.R.S.) and research emphasis was diversified to cover all tropical aromatic and medicinal plants.

 Ministry  of Agriculture,  Government  of  India has upgraded  the phytochemical  laboratory  of  the station  as one of the Regional Analytical  Laboratories  for medicinal and aromatic plants in 1994. 


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Aromatic & Medicinal Plants Research Station
Kerala Agricultural University
Odakkali, Asamannoor P.O.
Ernakulam District Kerala 683549
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